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How To Find The Right Size Shipping Case

Measure the outside dimensions of the equipment or product going in the case. If you have several items, lay them out and measure the overall dimensions of them. Enter the Length (L), Width (W), and Height (H) in the Shipping Case Finder and click Find Your Case.

If you don’ t require any foam, you can enter those measurements into the search feature. You may want to add about 0.5 in. to each side to account for the variances in the molding.

If you’d like a 1 in. foam lining for protection, take the outside dimensions of your product/s and add 2 in. to the length and width and approximately 3 in. to the height to account for base and lid foam.

If you require a 2 in. foam lining (recommended for fragile or heavy items), take the outside dimensions of your product/s and add 4 in. to each side – length, width and height.

Search for cases that come as close as possible to what you need. Small variances will not make a difference for sizing purposes.

Note: Foam lined cases can be adjusted to the exact size cavity space you need at time of order. Order the 2 in. foam lining and add notes in the comment field with the cavity size you need. All foam lined cases come with additional foam for packing.


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