Four Ways Reusable Cases Can Save Your Business Money

Here at Specialty Cases, we are always in awe of the ways that we help businesses save money. It’s hard to believe that in an age where companies have eliminated waste at all levels of their operation, single-use shipping containers are still seen as the way to go.

Boxes come apart en route to job sites, damaging priceless equipment. Warehouses are still cluttered with parts and supplies tucked away in mismatched boxes. Clients sometimes receive samples in damaged boxes, or worse, need to use their own packaging to get them back to you.

At Specialty Cases, it’s not about finding a case, it’s about coaching you on how we can make your business more efficient.

Let’s talk about all the ways we’re going to save you money:

1) Worker Safety & Efficiency

Nothing helps your business more than reducing labor costs and worker claims. If your business is anything less than optimized in this area, then you are wasting money. Let’s start by thinking about the logistics of using corrugated boxes vs. reusable containers, in terms of worker safety and efficiency.

Single-Use ContainersSpecialty Cases’ Reusable Solutions
Difficult lifting, carrying, and handling, often off of the floor Handles, wheels, and locking latches make using cases a breeze
Staples, fumes from adhesives, and sharp edges from packing materials Associated worker risk virtually eliminated with proper use
Elevated risk of damage to contents from inferior container and fragile packaging Rugged case wall and specific interior protection minimizes risk of loss
Less functional packaging means wasted hours of labor time, more boxes to deal with Designed with efficiency and optimization in mind

2) Packaging Costs

Let’s consider the logistics of shipping, transporting, or storing your items with single-use boxes.

First, you need the boxes, and without reusable foam inside, you’re probably going to need to invest in expensive packing materials for protection or presentation.

Then, to secure the boxes and their contents, you’re going to need tape, staples, and sometimes even glue. When you have returned items, you’re most likely going to need a new box, and start the process all over again. And as we mentioned above, you’re going to need hours of inefficient labor to make this happen.

Wouldn’t it be nice if all of this hassle would just disappear?

With reusable foam inside our cases, the transport of even fragile items becomes as easy as securing a latch. Presentations are consistent with customized foam, which you can often do yourself.

Uniform case sizes, easily labeled and custom matched to the logistics of your company, save on construction and maintenance costs by maximizing warehouse space. Without having to worry as much about loss and shipping costs, transporting smaller quantities is feasible. Even shipping items like flat screen monitors, laptops, and rackable server equipment is worry free with our product.

3) Lower Cost of Long-Term Use

Suppose you need a container of size 31 x 26 x 15 in. to ship items back and forth from your headquarters to the job site across the country. You decide to try out a triple walled box, and SKB’s 3i-3026-15B-E to see which one costs you more in the long run.

At first, you may be taken aback by the case costing a few hundred dollars more than the box. You might also notice that the case is about 20 lbs. heavier. But then, reality strikes. How many times can that triple walled box be shipped before needing to be replaced? Does it have a warranty, or is it easily repaired if it breaks? How many more times is the risk of loss with the box versus the case? Will your items be as safe in the box? How will you make up for not having locking latches?

So many of our customers have asked these questions, and the choice becomes clear---then Specialty Cases helps them find what they’re looking for.

4) Lower Environmental Footprint & Associated Costs

The longer life of cases means that they will be in operation far longer than single-use boxes, reducing the need for the costs of recycling or worse, building landfills. Many of our cases are recyclable, and all materials can be repurposed. Even better, many of our products come with a lifetime warranty, which means if something does break, you just send it back, and it will be replaced free of charge.

Reusable packaging is an industry with double digit growth expected in the next five years, and for good reason. Don’t be the ones left behind. Call us at (800) 267-1674, and find out how we can help you improve your business today.

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