How to Choose a Flat Screen Monitor Case

Flat screen monitors have come a long way---from the novelties of yesterday to the integral part of any business or organization today. As the technology continues to evolve, having the correct cases to store and transport your monitors has never been more important.

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Here are some tips to keep in mind when purchasing a flat screen case:

1) Know Your Dimensions

First, and most important, you must know the length, width, and height of your screen. Choosing a case solely based on the diagonal dimension may result in a container that will not fit your screen, and increase the chance of damage. This information is easily obtainable from the manufacturer, or can simply be measured if the screen is in your possession.

2) Decide if You’re Shipping the Stand or Bracket in the Same Case with the Screen

If your monitor has a stand or mounting bracket attached, it may be difficult to find a prefabricated case that will accommodate them. If the accessory is large, consider shipping it in a separate case. If you do decide you must ship it with the case, make sure that it will fit in the interior usable space, or call us for a quote for a custom case.

3) Where is the Case Going? How is it Getting There?

Assuming your case is not just for storage, you’ll want to consider how you’re transporting it. If it’s a small screen you’re transporting in your luggage or driving in a van across town, then a light to medium duty case like the or G-LCD-2632 should be sufficient. The G-LCD-2632 can also easily be mounted on a pallet. But if you’re shipping a large screen through motor freight transport, you’re going to want a heavy duty case construction. SKB’s line of flat screen cases is perfect for this, as is Calzone’s Escort series, or Gator’s G-TOUR series. For extremely heavy-duty transport and use in critical deployment operations, consider Calzone’s EscortHD series of cases.

4) Shipping More than One Screen? Consider a Case for Two Monitors.

Save money and space with a case that can hold two flat screens. Available from Gator and Calzone, these cases allow you to transport two monitors safely, in a way that works for your unique needs.

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