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Hard Shell Gun Cases

Do you need a hard gun case to transport your rifles, shotguns, pistols, handguns or revolvers? We carry a wide selection of heavy-duty gun cases. Many of our gun cases feature customized foam interiors and an impact resistant hard shell for maximum protection. Our military grade fire arm cases are built to survive even the toughest conditions. Quality gun cases for storage or transport of small pistols and handguns or long rifles and shotguns. Other features may include TSA locking latches, wheels, waterproof and crushproof designs, ATA ratings, padlock loops, and comfortable carry handles.

Our gun cases are ideal for military, law enforcements, hunters or sportsmen. Carry anywhere from a single rifle or gun to multiple shotguns or handguns and accessories in one durable case. When it comes to safeguarding your firearms, we have you covered. Choose from top gun case manufacturers such as SKB, Pelican, Nanuk, Eylar, Seahorse, and Underwater Kinetics.

Our gun cases are trusted by passionate outdoor enthusiasts, sportsmen, law enforcement, military, hunters and shooting sports enthusiasts to protect their mission-critical gear and supplies.

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