Standard and Heavy Duty Flat Screen Cases

Need to Transport your LCD, LED, or Plasma Flat Screen?

Trust the experts at Specialty Cases to help you find the Perfect Case for transporting your LCD, LED, and Plasma Screens. We offer standard and custom solutions to ensure your flat panel arrives at your next event safely and securely. Whether you need a reusable case to store, transport or ship your flat screen, we have a solution for you.

We sell every type of flat screen case from soft carrying cases with shoulder straps to a fully custom multiple screen shipping case. Our cases offer maximum impact resistance and protection for One or Two flat screen monitors measuring from 18 to 65 inches.

Single LCD and Plasma Screen Transport Cases

Single Flat Screen
Transport Cases

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Dual LCD and Plasma Screen Transport Cases

Dual Flat Screen
Transport Cases

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LCD Lift Road Cases

LCD Lift Road

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Lightweight Monitor Carrying Cases

Carrying Cases

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Fits Flat Screen Sizes 19 in. to 24 in.

19 – 24 in. Screens

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Fits Flat Screen Sizes 26 in. to 32 in.

26 – 32 in. Screens

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Fits Flat Screen Sizes 32 in. to 47 in.

32 – 47 in. Screens

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Fits Flat Screen Sizes 40 in. to 50 in.

40 – 50 in. Screens

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Fits Flat Screen Sizes 50 in. to 60 in.

50 – 60 in. Screens

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Fits Flat Screen Sizes 60 in. to 65 in.

60 – 65 in. Screens

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How to Measure your Flat Screen

You’re planning for a conference or a big tradeshow and you realize you need a way to transport your flat screen monitors to the site safely. The cardboard box it came in will definitely not hold up to shipping abuses.

As flat screen monitors and tv’s have evolved over the last couple of years, many of the shipping containers available are larger and heavier than they need to be for the currently manufactured 1 1/2 in.– 2 in. screen thickness.

While it is preferable to ship monitor screens in the upright position, many of the smaller monitors are well protected lying flat in an unbreakable, waterproof, shippable case with plenty of shock absorbing foam and an internal cavity space that has been measured and designed for your exact flat screen model.

This really facilitates the ability to not only ship your equipment safely, but also more cost effectively. A lighter, smaller sized case makes a big difference in shipping prices and in convenience when you’re traveling with your monitor.

The larger flat panel screens are still best transported in an upright position. For these, we have a variety of choices and one of them is a custom build. A custom built case for LED, LCD, or plasma screens do not need to be as bulky and heavy as other case models made over the years.

What’s the best way to figure out the case I need for my screen size?
Email us with your monitor’s manufacturer and model #, we’ll do the work for you and respond with our recommendations for you to review.

Gator, SKB, Anvil and Specialty Cases Flatscreen shipping cases are the best in the industry and will not disappoint.

Impress everyone on your team by having the perfect monitor case that makes life easier for those with the task of unpacking and packing the tradeshow equipment. Call Specialty Cases for a solution to safeguarding your valuable display items.

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