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Pelican case accessories allow you to customize your travel shipping case to be as efficient as possible. Lid organizers help you to utilize dead space and provide zippered closures to store smaller, loose items like supplies, peripherals, and electrical cords. Replacement foam sets and padded divider systems for parts and supplies cases help you recreate the interior of your case for new uses.

Pelican Replacement Foam

Replacement Foam

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Pelican Padded Divider Sets

Padded Divider Sets

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Pelican Lid Organizers

Lid Organizers

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Pelican Caster Wheels

Caster Wheels

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Pelican Pallet Riser Kits

Pallet Riser Kits

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Pelican Shoulder Straps

Shoulder Straps

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Pelican Locks

TSA Locks

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Pelican Computer Bottom Inserts

Computer Bottom Inserts

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Pelican Convertible Travel Bags

Convertible Travel Bags

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