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Gator’s rack case line is sure to have a solution for your rackmount needs. Both molded standard 19 in. and shock mount rack cases for shipping sensitive equipment are available here. Soft rack cases and rack mixer cases allow you to transport equipment easily from location to location. Gator Cases has one of the best reputations in the industry for manufacturing rack mount equipment cases with the finest materials and craftsmanship.

Gator Standard Racks

Standard Racks

Standard 19 in. Width
G-Tour Standard Racks
Pro Series Standard Racks
Standard Molded Racks

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Gator Shock Racks

Shock Racks

Shock Absorbing Interior
G-Tour Wood Flight Cases
Shock Mounted Molded Racks
ATA Rated

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Gator Shallow Racks

Shallow Racks

2U – 6U Shallow Racks
G-Tour FX Series Rack Cases
Molded Shallow Audio Racks
ATA Rated

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Gator Rolling Racks

Rolling Racks

Pull Handle & Wheels
Pro Series Rolling Racks
Molded Rolling Rack Cases
Powered & Non-Powered Cases

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Gator Console Racks

Console Racks

G-Tour Console Flight Racks
ATA Molded Console Racks
Slant Top Console Racks
Pop-Up Console Racks

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Gator Stationary Racks

Stationary Racks

Studio Wood Racks
Fixed & Hinged Wall Mount
Vented Glass Front Doors
Steel Front Doors

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Gator Half Racks

Half Racks

6U Half Rack Cases
10.39 in. Rackable Width
8 in. Rail to Rail Depth
ATA Wood Flight Half Rack

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Gator Rack Bags

Rack Bags

2U, 3U & 4U Racks
Standard Rack Bags
Lightweight Soft Cases
Tow Handle & Wheels

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Gator Rack Accessories

Rack Accessories

Shelves & Drawers
Panels & Power Strips
Rackworks Hardware
Caster Board Kits

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