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Anvil Shockmount Rack CasesAnvil Calzone Shockmount Racks are the toughest cases available for transporting rack mountable equipment. These cases are all custom built to your exact specifications.

  • Rack Cases are Typically 19 in. Wide Standard EIA
  • The Depth of a Rack Case is the Distance Between the Front Rail and Rear Rail
  • Rack Height is Based on Number of Rack Units. 1 Rack Unit = 1.75 Inches.

Specialty Cases is proud to offer Anvil Shockmount Rack Cases, the standard of the shipping case industry. Each case is fully customizable to your specifications, giving you the possibility of infinite sizes and features. You’ll get the exact case you need and won’t have to rely on limiting off the shelf models.

To request a quote, please fill out the REQUEST A QUOTE FORM or give us a call at 800-267-1674.


  • ATA Construction
  • Heavy Duty Caster Wheels, Braking and Non-Braking
  • Aluminum Shipping Label Plate Mounted 7.5 in. x 11 in.
  • 360 Degrees of 2 in. Ester Foam and Ethafoam Surround for Maximum Shock Protection
  • Standard Front and Rear 2.75 in. Deep Removable Lids
  • Recessed Spring-Loaded, Rubber Gripped Handles
  • Recessed Steel Construction Twist Hasp Latches, Padlockable
  • Black Powder-Coated Tapped Steel Front and Rear Rack Rails
  • Heavy Duty Steel Ball Corners Provide the Highest Degree of Shock Absorption at Critical Corner Areas of Case
  • Tongue-in Groove Valance
  • Steel Split Rivets
  • Stenciling Available at No Charge (40 Character Standard)
  • Standard Colors: Black or Blue
  • MICS Table Options


Anvil Iron Construction

  • ATA: 1/4 in., 3/8 in. or 1/2 in. Plywood with ABS Exterior.

    ANVIL ATA: Designed to meet or exceed the Air Transportation Association Specification 300, Category 1, Anvil® ATA Cases are the most durable reusable transit cases available. Constructed to perform under the most exacting conditions, they provide unsurpassed function and reliability. Exterior panels are built with strong, solid components, and interiors are custom designed to protect the specific equipment with precision design. They provide maximum shock absorption and safety from damage due to vibration. The result is uncompromising fit and maximum protection.

  • IRON: 3/8 in. or 1/2 in. Plywood with ABS Exterior. Custom Built to Take Abuse Far Exceeding Traditional ABS Cases. Also Designed to Meet or Exceed ATA Spec 300.

    Anvil Iron® is our most extreme line of defense. It utilizes an extremely tough defensive HDPE covering over the plywood that provides additional protection to cases that are constantly on the go, and often subjected to forklift applications. The case wall is a custom laminated process that is composed of 1/8 in. high density solid core composite, precision bonded to top grade plywood, resulting in a case wall that is built to take abuse far exceeding traditional ABS cases.

  • MACC: 3/8 in. or 1/2 in. Plywood

    MACC is a Military Application Case and it is designed specifically to meet MIL STD 810. Also exceeds specification 300 Category 1 ATA Specifications.

General Weight Payloads for Construction

  • 1/4 in. – Up to 50 Lbs.
  • 3/8 in. – 50 to 100 Lbs.
  • 1/2 in. – 100 Lbs. and Above
  • Weight Reinforcement Available


Standard Black powder-coated tapped steel front and rear rack rails.

  • Tapped 10/32 in. Round Holes
  • Square Holed (Compaq/HP) Rack Rails


Caster wheels are Double ball-bearing brace, with or without locks, rotating 360 degrees. Available with Removable plates or stationary. Case is first provided with a shock-absorbing caster board of 1/2 in. construction. Casters are affixed to case with four 1/4 in. lag bolts each, air wrenched to tightness.

  • Heavy Duty 3.5 in. Casters Rated at 250 Lbs. Per Wheel with 2 or 4 Braking Wheels
  • Heavy Duty 4 in. Piano Casters Rated at 350 Lbs. Per Wheel (recommended) with 2 or 4 Braking Wheels
  • Heavy Duty 6 in. Commercial Caster Wheels Rated at 500 Lbs. Per Wheel with 2 or 4 Braking Wheels


The Anvil Modular Interlocking Case System (MICS) is a unique, patented system for case lid attachment. Almost any application can be created with a few easy assembly procedures to turn the clamp on lid style cases into field workstations.

Case lids, which secure to the case side with an attachment catch, feature folding legs which are used to create a self-contained workstation. Free-standing tables can also be created using two sets of table legs if size permits. Industry Applications Include: Trade Shows, Field Broadcast, Touring Sound Systems, Field and Emergency Medical, and Field Military

The minimum height of the case is 14 Rack Units for this option.

  • One Lid MICS Option
  • Both Lids MICS Option


  • Black
  • Blue
  • Other Colors Available Upon Request


  • Twist Hasp Latch – Uses the Same Recessed Steel Dish as a Standard Twist Latch but Allows Overlay of a "D" Ring for up to 3/4 in. Shank Padlock
  • Keylockable Latch – Twist Latch also Uses the Same Recessed Steel Dish as a Standard and Incorporates the Addition of a Cylindrical Keylock which will Not Allow the Latch to be Opened in Transit
  • Valance Spanning Latch – Water Resistant Option. Gasketing of the Valance and Interior Caulking for Added Protection when Humidity and Vapor Isolation are Needed.


Stacking Caster Cups are available for like sized cases with casters that need to be stacked on top of one another. They are available in standard and deep versions (Not recommended for 1/4 in. ATA cases).


Let us help you construct a case suited to meet your individual needs.

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